Preserve, protect and display your treasured collectible in a patented Collector Frame

  • No damaging glue, adhesives or tabs
  • Wall or Desktop Display
  • UV Protected Museum Grade Acrylic
  • Seals the collectible for protection
  • Offers Front and Back Views
  • Manufactured in the USA

Why Did We Invent Collector Frame?

Currently, the only choices given to the collector are to hide their treasures away in a safe deposit box, hang them up on their wall with push pins (thus exposing the items to sunlight) store them in attics or closets, or risk damage by keeping them unprotected on a shelf. This very problem is what drove us to invent the Collector Frame. As action figure collectors ourselves, we found these options unacceptable. This product solves the problems in a manner that effectively displays, yet protects the collectible.

Collectible Remains in Original Retail Packaging

As is the case with most collectibles, those that are in pristine condition and still in their retail packaging command the highest dollar. As one can imagine, there is a strong desire to protect the value of such collectibles. However, this must be offset by the need to view and enjoy the object. Collector Frame has created a means by which collectible items can be displayed for enjoyment and still be protected against harm or physical damage.

Front and Back View with UV Protected Acrylic

This clever product allows the framed collectibles to remain in the original packaging while preserving front and back views. The unique design can be wall mounted or displayed on a desk or shelf.

No Damaging Glue or Adhesives

The collectible is simply held in place by our patented placeholder without the use of adhesives or other devices, yet the frame securely holds and protects the collectible item inside. For more information about the materials we use to create Collector Frames, please click on the About the Materials tab.

Custom Frames Available

The frames are completely customizable to accommodate any combination of collectible items. For example, a series of action figures, a set of die cast cars, a comic book and action figure, or any number of possibilities. Give us a call to discuss your custom order at 1-844-874-6626 or email us at [email protected].