About the Materials

We proudly manufacture our products in the United States. Each of our frames are hand made and assembled using the following materials:

Outside Frame:
Our frames are made of hard wood that provides excellent strength and stability. Our premium frames are made of Poplar.

The Paint:
We use a specially formulated paint developed by Sherwin Williams on each Collector Frame. Each frame is primed, painted and then sealed with a clear coat to provide a hard, shiny and durable finish.

The Acrylic*:
For the front of our premium frames, we use Tru-Vue Optium Museum Grade Acrylic that has amazing clarity and is practically invisible!

  • Anti-reflective coating optimizes the appearance while significantly reducing distracting reflections to less than 1.6% at a 90 degree angle.
  • Anti-static protection that actually exceeds glass and dissipates 2000 times more static than regular acrylic that minimizing cleaning.
  • Abrasion resistant glazing offers 20x more protection than regular acrylic and resists minor scratches associated with frequent cleaning like anti-reflective glass.
  • Maximum UV protection filters up to 99% of damaging 300-380 nm UV rays so you can display sensitive objects.
  • Lightweight – 50% lighter than glass. Perfect for display cases.
  • Shatter-resistant, thermal insulating, and anti-static properties provide a secure and protected environment.

The back of the frame has Tru-View Conservation Clear acrylic which filters out 99% of harmful UV light rays and features Crystal Clear transmitted color. For more information, please visit: http://www.tru-vue.com

* Only our premium frames feature Tru-View Museum Acrylic on the front. Standard frames have Tru-View Conservation Clear Acrylic on the front.

The Placeholder:
The piece that suspends the collectible item inside the frame is called a placeholder. This patented design is made from King StarBoard ST, a plastic material used for boats, cabinets and playground equipment. We use this material because it creates a perfectly smooth surface when machined so as not to damage your collectible. It is:

  • UV Stabilized for Fade Resistance
  • Made of a super tough polymer
  • Environmentally stabilized and made to last a lifetime
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Highly Scratch Resistant

The Mats
All of the mat products we use are acid-free, lignin-free and meet all requirements for conservation matting.

  • Conservation quality surface papers offer optimum fade and bleed resistance.
  • Produced using only 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers for lasting quality.
  • Acid-free and lignin-free for maximum protection.

The Hanger:
Each frame will come with inserts and screws along to top edge for hanging on a wall. The Hangman Hanger consists of two aluminum interlocking brackets modeled after the French Cleat featuring a built in level which ensures an accurate installation. The aircraft grade aluminum brackets will not corrode. The system uses small nails which leave pin size holes and a foam back to protect walls from scuffs and marks. Once installed it can be adjusted left or right. For more information, please visit: http://hangmanproducts.com

Please note: The Collector Frame domed label at the bottom of the frame on the back serves a dual purpose. It acts as a bumper so that your frame does not sit directly against the wall, both preventing any damage to the frame and also closing the gap against the wall created by the clip hanger.